About us

Formed in 2011 by two sisters Sam & Laura, we design and create enchanting handmade dolls, with our own take on a traditional rag doll. All our dolls are designed and handmade by us with great care and attention to detail, with hand embroidered faces consisting of starry eyes, quadruple stitched seams and  adorable dresses in a fun array of prints. Our aim is to ensure you will have a lovable, child friendly doll which is made to last. Each little loomer dolly can create a world of imagination. Our aim is to create dolls which will be much loved, and played with for many years. They are the perfect first friend for your little ones and companion for many hours of imaginative play. 
Each batch of rabbit and doll is meticulously planned. From choosing skin colour, hair color, shoes and printed fabric for their dresses, a lot of time and love goes into each design. Available in three different sizes, baby, mini and regular we believe you'll find the perfect gift and companion for your little ones.
We now have a variety of little loomers dolls in our collection so please check the full range we have available. 
 How it's Made
When making our dolls we source the best possible materials. There bodies are made from 100% cotton and are stuffed with a certified soft fibre toy stuffing. We use design brands such as Dashwood Studios, Robert Kaufman and Windham fabrics for there cotton dresses. Rag Dolls take extra design with 100% wool felt for there shoes and baby Merino wool for there hair and finally satin ribbon for the adorable bows to finish of there outfits.
They are all machine stitched and quadruple stitched along the seams to make sure they are durable and can withstand much playing. There faces are hand embroidered each with there distinctive starry eyes, cute smiles and a smattering of freckles. The dolls hair are machine stitched prior to being stitched onto the doll, there shoes and socks are stitched into the leg seam and cannot be removed. Similarly all dresses are stitched on to the doll and cannot be taken off. They contain no removable small parts and would make the perfect first doll for your little ones.
Sam & Laura